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Linde Detlefsen

Linde Detlefsen studied graphical design and education science in Berlin, Leipzig and Chemnitz. From 1970 to 1985 she worked as a design teacher at the Vocational School for Advertising and Design in Berlin. Since 1985 she works as freelance artist. She lives in Chemnitz.

Frank Elstner

Frank Elstner was born in Heiligenstadt in 1963. He has a PhD in physics. Today he works as freelance translator, author and photographer. He lives in Chemnitz.

Clemens Galonska

Clemens Galonska was born in Düsseldorf in 1960. He studied architecture in Braunschweig and Aachen, and project management at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Today he works as a freelance architect and organizes guided visits in Hellerau and Dresden. The author lives together with his family in the garden city of Hellerau.

Website of the author:

Roland Habersetzer

Roland Habersetzer, born in 1942, practices martial arts since 1957. Already in 1961 he received the 1st Dan, thus becoming one of the first French “black belts” in karate. Today he is a well-reputed expert as well in the Japanese martial arts (budō) as in the Chinese martial arts (wushu).

Irmgard Krauthoff

Irmgard Krauthoff studied to be a music teacher at the Humboldt University Berlin and did her PhD at the Martin Luther University Halle. From 1958 to 1997 she trained music teacher students at the Teacher Training Institute Rochlitz and at the University of Leipzig. She co-published numerous schoolbooks and professional journals. Today she lives in Hohndorf/Stollberg and cooperates with different children’s choirs.

Erik Lorenz

Erik Lorenz was born in 1988 in Berlin. Early in his life he took a great interest in the Indians of North America. Since 1997 he publishs own texts and dedicates himself to writing in his leisure time. In autumn 2008 he began to study International Marketing in the Netherlands.

Kenei Mabuni

Mabuni Kenei, 10th Dan, received a lot of awards during his life, e.g. the "Medal for Outstanding Merits in the Field of Martial Arts" by the Nihon Budo Kyougi Kai. Soke Mabuni Kenei is technical advisor of the Japan Karate Federation (JKF). In 1993 he founded the World Shito-ryu Karate-Do Federation.

John Okute Sica

John Okute Sica (1890-1964) was a Lacota Indian of the tribe of Sitting Bull. He lived in Wood Mountain, Canada, the place where Sitting Bull and his tribe had taken refuge from the persecution by the U.S. army, and was witness of the downfall of the great culture of the Sioux. He wanted to convey a realistic picture of the lives and the struggles of his ancestors and to pass on important myths and legends of his tribe. This lead to a unique work that in its literary power and originality reminds of the Magical Realism.

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