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Die Krieger des alten Japan - Berühmte Samurai, Ronin und Ninja

Roland Habersetzer
Die Krieger des alten Japan
Berühmte Samurai, Ronin und Ninja

Translated from French by Frank Elstner

392 pages, numerous figures
32 pages with multicoloured woodblock prints
Paperback, 215 x 150 mm
Language: German

ISBN: 978-3-938305-07-2

€ 28,00


Tales from 700 Years of Japanese History

The French martial arts expert and historian Roland Habersetzer has written lively stories about the world of ancient Japan. In authentic tales based upon reliable historical sources he describes incidents of the lives of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, the “sword saints” Tsukahara Bokuden and Miyamoto Musashi, and of the “last samurai”, Saigō Takamori. Furthermore, the reader will find accounts on the uprising of the Christians of Shimabara, the vengeance of the 47 Rōnin from Akō and many other famous or almost forgotten events of Japan’s history.

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