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Jamal Measara
Okinawa Sai-jutsu

With over 250 photographs, this book is an illustrated presentation of the art of the Okinawan Sai-jutsu. With its comprehensive commentary on stances, basic techniques, and bunkai, it is an essential companion for students, teachers and friends of classical Kobudō. Additionally, the basic kata Ni Chō Sai is completely presented in this book with written explanations and photographs.

Kenei Mabuni
Empty Hand
The Essence of Budō Karate

Budō is the path of the Japanese traditional martial arts. Mabuni Kenei has followed this path for almost eight decades until now. He belongs to the last masters taught directly by the founders of modern karatedō. The son and heir of Mabuni Kenwa – the founder of Shitō-ryū – has acquired a deep understanding of the essence of Karate as a Budō art during his course of life.

Clemens Galonska / Frank Elstner
Garden City of Hellerau
One Hundred Years of Germany's First Garden City

One hundred years ago Hellerau, Dresden's world-famous Garden City, was built by high-class architects and artists. Today the Hellerau reform architecture is recognised as exemplary. The numerous photographs of this copiously illustrated book show Hellerau as a coplete work of art. The comprehensive text brings to life the unique history of Germany's first Garden City.

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    Jamal Measara
    Okinawa Sai-jutsu

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    Jamal Measara
    Die verschollenen Traditionen des Okinawa-Karate

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