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Das Wunder vom Little Bighorn - Erzählungen aus der Welt der alten Sioux

John Okute
Das Wunder vom Little Bighorn
Erzählungen aus der Welt der alten Sioux

360 pages, with numerous illustrations
Language: German
ISBN: 978-3-938305-10-2

€ 22,90

To be published November the 26th in 2009


Stories about the World of the Ancient Lakota

John Okute Sica who was born in 1890, the year Chief Sitting Bull died, was witness of the downfall of the great culture of the Sioux. He wanted to convey a realistic picture of the lives and the struggles of his ancestors and to pass on important myths and legends of his tribe. This lead to a unique work that in its literary power and originality reminds of the Magical Realism. The volume contains authentic reports on the battle of Little Bighorn and the death of Chief Sitting Bull, but also original adventure and love stories, as well as some essays, for example on the White Buffalo Pipe, the feather crown and the buffalo.
John Ocute Sica lived in Wood Mountain, Canada, the place where Sitting Bull and his tribe had taken refuge from the persecution by the U.S. army. The major part of the tribe finally surrendered when confronted with starvation, but a small group of Lakota stayed in Wood Mountain. In 1963, one year before his death, the renowned German author Liselotte Welskopf-Henrich who wrote several books on the life of the American Indians met him. She wanted to publish Okute Sica’s stories in Germany but in spite of all her efforts she could not manage it.
The book will be illustrated by the Indian artist Margaux Allard (White Swallow Woman), a granddaughter of the author.

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