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Koshiki Kata - Die klassischen Kata des Karated˘

Roland Habersetzer
Koshiki Kata
Die klassischen Kata des Karated˘

Translated from French by Frank Elstner

400 Seiten, 150 photographs
More than 1,700 drawings on 105 plates
Paperback with film lamination, 210 x 145 mm

ISBN: 3-938305-01-0

Ç 26,80


The Koshiki Kata as Infinite Treasure

The kata of the major styles of karate ľ Sh˘t˘kan ryű, G˘jű ryű, Wad˘ ryű und Shit˘ ryű ľ have a common basis: the Koshiki Kata, i.e. the classical kata of karated˘ that were developed on Okinawa. These highly efficient codified fighting forms are also an effective means for the spiritual development of the practitioner, a path to deep self-awareness. This is why they are considered as inexhaustible repositories and infinite treasures.

Roland Habersetzer describes in this book the history, the philosophy and the practice of the Koshiki Kata. In parallel he describes the development from the t˘de via the Okinawa-te to the modern karate, and the emergence of the most important styles of the Japanese and Okinawan karated˘.

28 Koshiki Kata are presented in a comprehensive manner with verbal descriptions and illustrations: On 105 plates with altogether more than 1,700 individual drawings classical versions and variants of the kata Pinan (Heian), Kűshanku (Kankű), Passai (Bassai), Naihanchi (Tekki), Sanchin, Seisan (Hangetsu), Chint˘ (Gankaku), S˘chin, Ananko (Ananku), Wankan (Matsukaze), R˘hai (Meiky˘), Wanshu (Enpi), Useishi (Gojushiho), Jion, Jitte (Jutte) and Happoren are presented.

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