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Shaun Banfield about Kenei Mabuni's "Empty Hand", Online Shotokan Karate Magazine

"...what you find inside is a real treasure, translated into English for us all to cherish and embrace. This is not merely a book about the man and his life, but about the journey he has taken over the last eight decades, the journey of karate-do."

The International Ryukyu Karate Research Society's JOURNAL

"Mabuni Kenwa was born on November the 14th, 1889 in Shuri on Okinawa. His father, Kenpo, worked as a confectionery salesman in Shuri and was the 16th offspring of the Oni Ogusuku, an Okinawan aristocratic family. During the Ryukyu kingdom, he wore the honorary title of,Peichin’. Kenpo and his wife decided to name their second son ‘Kenwa’ (the wise and harmonic)... "

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